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Site | Exterior



Steel building frame

Insulation value of RC=6.0 sqm K/W for the roof and RC=4.5 sqm K/W for the façades

Fire alarm and evacuation alarm, fire hoses, emergency lighting as per regulations. All in compliance with NEN 6079


Concrete floor load c. 5,000 kg/sqm (expedition c. 2,500 kg/sqm)

Floor flatness warehouse area, Din 18202 Zeile 4

Floor flatness expedition zone, Din 18202 Zeile 4

Racking point load c. 9,000 kg

Concrete mezzanine, average floor load 800 kg/sqm c. 12.0 m1 depth, level c. +5.4 m1

Storage sprinklers, roof-net certified automatic sprinkler system (ESFR FM guidelines);

Free span of 22.8 m1 (column structure)

24 loading docks and 47 docks for box trucks

Maximum clear height c. 10.6 m1 at storage area

Electrically operated steel overhead doors at dock

10 electrically operated overhead doors at ground level (4.0 x 4.5 m1)

Dock shelters with bumpers and wheel guides

Battery charging area with 1 battery charger per 1,500 sqm warehouse

Power grid of in total 2,600 kVA (divided in 1,600 and 1,000 kVA)

Sufficient number of 230V and 400V power connections

Sufficient (fluorescent) LED lighting (lux)

Heat pump

Site | Exterior

2.5 m1 high security fencing

4 entrances and exits for truck and van traffic as well as 2 separate entrances and exits for visitors and employees, all with electrically operating sliding gates

Loading pit is suitable for incoming and out coming standard European trucks

Parking garage for 31 vans and 264 parking spaces, including lift installation

42 parkings on own terrain in front of the office spaces

Paving with heavy-duty concrete bricks

Sufficient outdoor site lighting over loading pits

Solar panels


2 levels

Mechanical ventilation, fitted with air-conditioned ceiling cassettes

Suspended ceilings fitted with monitor friendly integrated (fluorescent) LED lighting

Cable ducts for data, phone and electricity

Fully equipped, separate male and female toilet sanitary facilities on each office floor

Fire alarm and evacuation alarm, fire hoses emergency lighting as per regulations


Ground floor

First floor

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